Yoga, yogis, and all the flexibility!

Think again! 

Think surrender, calm, peace, dropping your mind back into you body.

I did yoga for many years, but I was chasing the workout. I did power yoga, and difficult positions. And of course, my noodle and hyper flexible body did contort into many shapes and forms. 

Because I had sanctified my body, how it looked was everything to me. One extra grain of rice? Panic sets in and I do another 10 minutes of jumping ropes and hot yoga. Burn it, burn all the uninvited and invading calories! Save me from the energy that keeps me alive!


Now, let’s take a step back, and just observe. Observe your breath, how you muscles move, where do your thoughts wander off to? 

It’s all one part, this weird body and mind of ours. It’s all connected. 

“Surrender to which you cannot control.”

If you deal with anxiety, stress, depression, or in sum, life in general, start with a gentle yoga practice. Really go all the way in! Becoming a hippie is hard work! 

Do it now, it’s only twenty minutes. Use a towel or blanket if you don’t have a mat.

What do you have to lose? If it doesn’t work, at least, it was a good stretch.

And let me know … how delicious was it?

Until the next words


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