So mother nature gave you grey hair, eh?

One of the fundamentals of being a hippie is the chill and laid back attitude when it comes to appearances, mingled with the nonchalant shrug of “aaaah, whatever!”.

For best results, practice this daily. Begin with the little things during your internal dialogues:


I missed my bus? 

-Aaaah, whatever! Another mobile metal tube will be approaching within the hour to transport me to my destination and I will fulfill my arbitrary duties as a member of a constructed society.

Let’s put this in context of grey hair:

I have grey hair, already?

Ahhhhh, wherever! The composition of the ‘colour’ that is perceived by my eyeballs, through illusive physics of the reflected rays of light, is merely a representation of the pigments residing in the fibers of my strands, sprouting out of my skull skin.

I emphasize again that this is a practice. It took me ten years of obsessing, trying home remedies (as far as onion juice!), taking extra supplements, cutting the greys, and dying my hair to get here. 

If you like to dye your hair and that takes your hippiness to another level, go for it!

But if you are solely disguising your grey hair to avoid the unwanted gaze of the ‘others’, then consider the matter once more. Ask why?

My hippie goddess finally save me many litres of tears. She whispered to me, what am I so scared of? That all of a sudden people will think I am 70? What’s wrong with differently-coloured hair? Why is my ego so infatuated with it’s raven black hair?

Let it grow. Grow wild and grey! Because what’s a hippie without a few strands of grey?

What grows out of my head, changes nothing inside of it!

“I do wonder why people hate their grey hair so much! I think grey hair is a gift from the moon! When the moon laughs, her eyes produce tears of joy that fall to the earth and onto the tops of people’s heads!” 

― C. JoyBell C.
grey hair

Until the next words x

Do you have grey hair? How do you like them?

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